Review: The Schnitzel Parlour

After having driven past the location a few times on my way in and out of town, I was at least familiar with The Schnitzel Parlour, but I had never stopped in. If you’re like me, Dine Around Freddy is the perfect opportunity for you to visit.

The Schnitzel Parlour is all about comfort. Simply sitting in the dining room made me feel at ease; like I was sitting in my mom’s kitchen waiting for a wonderful home-cooked meal. While it’s always nice to dine in a comfortable atmosphere, it’s really nice when it help you feel slightly less awkward about loosening your belt at the end of the meal. That really happened. (Tip: when dressing for dinner at The Schnitzel Parlour, I encourage you to leave your belt at home.) Continue reading


Review: The Terrace

Much like the Crowne Plaza Hotel, The Terrace Dining Rooms is a classic and this classiness is carried throughout the Terrace’s service, atmosphere and their Dine Around Freddy menu.

And because of this classic quality, The Terrace is the perfect restaurant to choose if you’re spending time with classic diners. Continue reading

Review: Sam Sneads

If I had to describe dining at Sam Sneads restaurant in three words, here are the words I would choose: classy, imaginative and pleasing. If my Dine Around Freddy experience is a preview of Sam Snead’s everyday dinner service, I want to go back. Soon.

Sam Sneads stays true to its country club roots but in the very best way. The dining area is swanky yet relaxed and overlooks a vast snowfield that I’m told transforms into a golf course in warmer weather. As soon as I walked in, I wanted to eat steak and contemplated having a dram of scotch or perhaps a cigar at the end of my meal. Continue reading

Review: [catch] Urban Grill

I’ll admit it. I didn’t even know that [catch] Urban Grill existed until I knew about Dine Around Freddy. While I’m a little bashful about this, I also think this flub (as some may call it) or happy incidence (as I like to call it) is one of the beauties of events like Dine Around Freddy; they allow you to discover restaurants you didn’t know about before.

And let me tell you, I’m glad I discovered this one! Continue reading

Dinning Around

I just enjoyed some of the best food that Fredericton has to offer.

Fredericton Tourism’s Dine Around Freddy is starting soon and I had the immense, taste bud-stimulating, belt-loosening pleasure of previewing menus from four of the participating restaurants.

I was first introduced to the ‘dine around’ concept when living in Vancouver. Taking full advantage of the opportunity, year after year, my friends and I would start planning our restaurant strategy as soon as the menus were released.

For me, ‘dinning around’ has always meant trying new restaurants, exploring new tastes and sharing the experience with good company – all at an affordable price. I was genuinely pleased that my first Dine Around Freddy experience was much the same! Continue reading

A few of my favourite things

Winter is coming! Christmas is coming too! I’ve been busy getting ready for both and having lots of fun doing so.

I’m an east coast girl and I love (love, love, love) snow. I love watching snowflakes fall. I love playing in the snow. Heck, I even love shovelling snow. No joke! I’ve been curating a list of things to do this winter in New Brunswick (coming soon!) and getting really excited for the season to begin. Continue reading